NCSI receives delegation from UAE’s

Federal Authority for Statistics

NCSI receives delegation from UAE’s

Muscat (May 2017):

Source: NCSA ,Sultanate of Oman,

The National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI) received on Sunday (May 21) a delegation from the Federal Authority for Competitiveness and Statistics in the United Arab Emirates. The delegation learned about the role played by the Center in enhancing statistical knowledge in the Sultanate, and the features of the national spatial data infrastructure (ONSDI).

The delegation reviewed the Sultanate's experience in executing statistical projects, and the effective use of data to achieve sustainable development goals through the various programmes and strategies developed and executed by the National Center for Statistics and Information.

The delegation appreciated NCSI’s role as a provider of accurate and timely data to decision makers and stakeholders so as to support national development plans and formulate future vision plans for the Sultanate. They also learned about the services provided by the Centre to the different segments of society ranging from governmental institutions to individuals.

In an interaction, Mohammed Hassan Ahli, the Executive Director of Statistics and National Data at the Federal Authority for Competitiveness and Statistics, UAE, noted that one of the strategic objectives of the Authority is to coordinate with various statistical bodies and centers as well as international organizations interested in statistics to offer quality statistics to stakeholders. The authority is in constant contact with the statistical centers in the Gulf countries and outside in order to exchange meaningful experiences and develop competency, he said.

He commended the strategy adopted by the National Center for Statistics and Information that is focused on transforming data into information and knowledge, which is made easily available to decision makers and all sections of the society. He also highlighted the Center's efforts to promote statistics through various periodic statistical publications and multiple media platforms such as traditional and digital media including social media as well as smartphone applications.

What distinguishes NCSI is its dissemination of crucial data in an analytical way using simplified tables and charts that are easy to understand and interpret, he said, adding the awareness videos and presentations produced by the Centre hold great value.

Statistical agencies and their projects are mandated to provide not just data but meaningful analyses that highlight the state of economy, investments and trends of the times through economic indicators, he said, and noted that NCSI has been successfully undertaking this responsibility.

He also appreciated NCSI’s smartphone applications for the banking and fuel customers, developed using spatial data.The Center's excellent communication links with the community as well as its strong presence in almost all local events such as the Salalah Tourism Festival need to be recognized and emulated, he added.

The visiting delegation watched NCSI’s presentations on various topics and projects including the Center's initiatives to build and manage an integrated national-level social and economic information system designed to enhance the quality of information, and the promotional methods used to market its various products, and enhance media presence.

The delegation got to know about the Center's work in the fields of governmental and international communication and the e-links with data sources and dissemination of data through various media platforms, and appreciated the Centre’s Information Portal that acts as a reliable source of information for all segments of society including public and private sector institutions, researchers and other interested parties.

The program also reviewed NCSi’s methods of collecting and processing statistical data and indicators, as well as tools to deal with requests for statistical data from various quarters.

The delegation was also briefed about the Centre’s action plan in employing GIS technologies.

He thanked the National Center for Statistics and Information for hosting the delegation, which allowed the Federal Authority for Competitiveness and Statistics to review the Sultanate's experience in the statistical work.