In celebration of Emirati Women Day

Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Authority Launch “Emaratiyah… UAE’s Inspiring Women” Book A book that tells the success stories of inspiring Emirati women achievers who had a valuable contribution to the progress and development of the nation

In celebration of Emirati Women Day

Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimi, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Chairwoman of the Federal Competitiveness & Statistics Authority (FCSA) unveiled “Emaratiyah … UAE’s Inspiring Women”, a special edition book that documents the journey of 24 inspiring Emirati women who contributed to the development of the UAE and prospered in different domains of life such as economic, cultural, scientific and social. The featured women personalities in the book attended the launch event that took place in Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel in Dubai today, along with the independent judging panel that worked on the selection criteria, media representative and FCSA team members who worked on the production of the book project.
Her Excellency Al Hashimi welcomed the attending audience with a special keynote, and extended congratulations to the leadership of the UAE headed by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE president, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai; and their highnesses the Rulers and Crown Princes of the Emirates on the occasion of the Emirati Women’s Day.

Her Excellency Al Hashimi also extended congratulations to Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood. Minister Al Hashimi expressed her excitement and privilege to take part of this special day dedicated to celebrate the great accomplishments, achievements and contributions of Emirati women.
In her address, Her Excellency stressed that women empowerment has always been one of the key indicators of a nation’s social and economic progress and development. She also highlighted that societies simply cannot sustain a comprehensive development agenda without the full and active participation of women in the community. Her Excellency also indicated that the role of the Emirati women has rapidly expanded and evolved since the establishment of the union and Emirati women contributions and clear marks are visible on all aspects of UAE life.
Quoting His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum note on how UAE enables its society via the empowerment of women, Her Excellency asserted that Emirati women’s journey towards success and prosperity in the UAE was inked by the principles laid by the country’s leadership; underlined by true belief and conviction of the significant importance of women’s role as a key partner in building the future of the country. 
Abdulla Lootah, Director General of the FCSA pointed out that the FCSA produced that book following direct instructions of Her Excellency Al Hashimi and in recognition and appreciation of the role of the Emirati women in supporting the UAE’s competitiveness in both individual and institutional levels.  The book documents the journey of a group of inspiring Emirati women that contributed to the development of the nation and progress in so many different fields and domains such as economic, social, cultural, scientific and entertainment, and achieved ranks and accomplishments that are in par with the most advanced nations in the world.
The UAE Women's Day is a celebration of the mother, sister and wife. A celebration of women who gave birth and fondle sponsored and carried the worries of the nation, taking responsibility and excelled in giving back to her family, society and country. These are some of the achievements translated in numbers and statistics:

  • There are 8 ministers in current UAE cabinet. Making up 27.5% of ministerial roles.
  • Emirati women is currently leading the Federal National Council, the country’s highest legislative authority, along with the occupancy of 9 seats on the council, making its 22.5% of women representation one of the highest in parliamentary bodies in the region.
  • There are over 23000 registered businesswomen in the UAE running investment worth AED 42 billion.
  • Since joining the labor force, women participation increased by 400%
  • Women make up 66% of the public sector workers, with 30% in leadership roles and 15% in technical and academic roles. Also, 44% of leadership roles in Federal entities are taken by women
  • Women in the UAE make up 65% of total higher education graduates, and they have been active participants in previously male-denominated roles such as judiciary, aviation, military and defense and law enforcement.